East Asia ALMA Science Workshop 2017 - Korea

November 27-29, 2017
KASI, Daejeon, Korea

Scientific Rationale

Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Daejeon

The Korea ALMA group and the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI) are pleased to announce the East Asian (EA) ALMA Science Workshop 2017-Korea. This is the annual meeting of the EA ALMA community involving Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. Since being started in 2013 in Taiwan, completing the circle around already (2014 Korea, 2015 Japan and 2016 Taiwan), this year it will be held back in Korea for the second time, on November 27-29, 2017.

ALMA has been showing enormous, beautiful results over nearby solar objects including the Sun to high redshift galaxies since being commissioned in 2013. The EA community has been playing an important, significant role in such a productive activity. Along the great ALMA era, the EA Science Workshop has been providing the unique opportunities to share new scientific results and promote collaborations within the EA ALMA community. ALMA is still evolving: Solar observations and VLBI observations started last year, Band 5 to be added next March, circular polarization capability being tested, etc. Communicating and collaborating would be one of the best ways to utilize the evolving ALMA wisely. Since Cycle 4, ALMA offers large projects, so importance of collaboration between regions is larger than before. In addition, synergies of multi-wavelength and multi-scale observations are getting more important as well.

KASI welcomes all the participants of the EA ALMA Science Workshop 2017-Korea, those who have been carrying out ongoing ALMA projects and plan to propose and/or utilize ALMA observations in the near future. The meeting would be an ideal starting point to promote a new collaboration timely for the next proposal call. Daejeon is located around the middle of South Korea, and KASI is the astronomical hub of the Korea astronomical community, where you can see various activities for the future of the Korea astronomy. In order to maximize all the three aspects of updating the current ALMA sciences, sharing our science results, and promoting our future projects, this meeting will consist of review sessions, parallel sessions for Galactic and external galaxy sciences, and discussion sessions. Any astronomers who are interested in ALMA, regardless of having their own ongoing ALMA projects or not, are strongly encouraged to join the meeting and are most welcomed!

Contact us
Woojin Kwon (SOC chair), wkwon(at)kasi.re.kr

Se-Heon Oh (for general inquiries), seheonoh(at)kasi.re.kr

Korea Astronomy and Space science Institute (KASI)

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