Venue & Travel Information

Last updated: Nov. 16, 2017
Instruction on how to get to a hotel and the KASI.
For emergency, please contact A-Ran Lyo (82-10-2041-2685). In addition to this instruction, you could also find information on how to get to the KASI at the following website.

1. How to get the limousine bus at the airport bound for Daejeon
Go to the Inside Bus Ticket in near 'D' or '8'. Buy a bus ticket bound for Daejeon. There is a bus every from 20 to 40 minutes from 6 am to 11:30 pm. Please check your departure time of your ticket and go to 9D denoted by 'Bus Stop for Daejeon'. Please also check destination and departure time of bus, and get on the right bus bound for Daejeon.

2. Where you should get off
It takes about from 2 hours to 2.5 hours depending on traffic situation in the highway from Inchon airport to Daejeon. The bus might stop a rest area for about 15 minutes or it directly come to Daejeon. You should get off at a bus station called 'Jung-Bu-Chung-Sa (Government Complex)'. Once the bus comes into a city area, please ask a nearby passenger on the bus station. He/she usually speaks English.

3. From the bus station to a hotel
3-1. Toyoko Inn, Daejeon Government Complex
At the bus station, there are many taxis waiting for passengers. Please catch one of them and show following instruction written in Korean to a taxi driver. It costs about 4~6,000 Won (4~6 USD).

Please show this following instruction written in Korean to a taxi driver in case that you are going to Hotel ICC.

4. Conference venue at KASI
For people who will use the public transportation (bus or taxi), you need to pull over either at KASI stop or at the gate of KASI. If you use taxi (recommended), please print out the following direction written in Korean, and show it to the driver. It will cost about 5000 KRW from the city area to KASI by taxi.

Once you get off at the gate, please follow the direction below to reach the Eunhasu hall for registration. The front door will be opened, so you can enter the building without access card.

5. Bus line to KASI
For people who will use the public transportation to KASI, there is only one bus line available, #301, whose route is /indicated by the thick red line in the map below. KASI stop is shown by green circle there.
For details, please check the links below.
Map1: From Toyoko Inn to KASI
Map2: From Hotel ICC to KASI

7. KASI to Gimpo or Incheon airport

6.1 KASI to Airport limousine bus stop #1

Link to map

6.2 KASI to Airport limousine bus stop #2

Link to map

6.3 KASI to Daejeon train station (~1 hr by taxi)
For those who take KTX train to Incheon airpot (~1 hr), you need to transfer to a train (or subway) at Seoul station heading to the airport (~1 hr). Take an extra 30 min for transfer.

Link to map