2nd ALMA Summer School 2018, hands-on projects

1. Molecular gas and star formation in nearby galaxy of NGC4321 and NGC1808

- Seong-Jong Kim, Jae-Geun Park, Yong-Hui Lee, and Panomporn Poojon

- Using the ALMA Band 3 12CO(1-0) data, we studied the kinematics and the spiral structures of NGC4321 and NGC1808

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2. Star formation and gas kinematics of dwarf galaxy of NGC1012, NGC4150, NGC4376, NGC5692, NGC6106, UGC8516

- Hyung-Han Kim, Sung-Ho An, Dasol Yu, and Woo-Rack Choi

- We analyized the ALMA band 3 12CO(1-0) data of NGC4451 and NGC4701. We could deteremine the rotational velocities of galaxies using the 2DBAT tool.

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3. Young stellar objects outflows + disks of HOPS136

- Seong-Yong Yun

- We made channel mpas of HOPS 136 using the 12CO, 13CO, and C18O ALMA data. We estimated the disk mass using the dust continuum map.

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4. Structure of Massive protostellar cores: dense gas in core/disk and outflow analysis of G35.2-0.74, G45.47+0.05, G339.88-1.26, and IRAS16562

- Chang-Dae Choi, In Kang, and Ho-Jae An

- We performed multiple line analysis (H2CO, SO2, SiO, and H2S) of protostellar cores of G35, G45, and IRAS16562. We found outflows in SiO maps and anti-correlation between SO2 and H2S emission.

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5. Protostellar objects at the early evolutionary stages (Class 0), particularly binary/multiple systems of L1448 IRS 3B

- Jeong-Hoon Yim, Ga-In Lee, and Doo-Seok Jung

- We combined the extended and compact-configurations of ALMA band 7 data of triple system, L1448. We performed self-calibration and anaylized the outflow and the disk structures utilizing 12CO and C17O data

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